Anne Vilsboll

Anne VilsbollAnne Vilsbøll, Danish artist and author, is known as the greatest capacity, when it comes to handmade paper as an artistic expression. For the past 25 years she has generously offered her knowledge in books, published by the Danish publisher Borgen, in articles, in lectures and tuition at Scandinavian Art Academies and Design Schools, as editor for 6 years and as president for 4 years of the international association of paper artists, IAPMA, and not at least by her own art and her exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. During Copenhagen as a Cultural Capital in 1996 she organized the major event “Paper Road”, where artists from all over the world exhibited their work in galleries and museums throughout Denmark. In 2001 she was the curator of the exhibition “ Paper Revisioned” at the Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Denmark, just to mention a few of her activities.Anne Vilsbøll has worked on several commissions, among others the Foreign Ministry, Copenhagen, The School of Venetarians, Danisco, the Church Skæring, Aarhus, Odense University and Hospital, Vingsted Centre, The Music – and Theatre House, Silkeborg, The Foyer of the Stadion, Viborg, Rolex IV,V and VI, Switzerland, where she among other things decided the colours of the entire interieur of Rolex VI and the ship "Maersk Delft", Norfolkline, sailing between Dunkerque and DoverShe studied French and Art History, became a professor, studied at College of Art in USA and continuously she has refined her speciality paper by research in the Far East, Africa, North- and South America, Australia and Europe.Anne Vilsbøll lives and works in Denmark, in St. Jeannet, France and in Udaipur, India, where her homes create the bases for her creativity.