B. Srinivas Reddy



B. Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy was born in Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh. Following his graduation in fine arts from JNT University, Hyderabad he further specialized in ceramic sculpture from Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S.
University of Baroda, Vadodara in 1990.

Srinivas Reddy is an artist who is at ease with several different media of visual art like Terracotta, fiber glass, bronze, stone and painting. This has been possible due to his unrelenting efforts in the
field for the past twenty years.

For Srinivas, art is, a process, like life itself – continuous and ever changing, challenging and yet with umpteen possibilities. This belief lead him good stead towards consistent experimentation. His
endeavors were honored with a National Award.

Early works of his oeuvre, for instance, the terracotta and wooden heads with mushrooms are marked with an intense expressionistic tendency, the language that communicates his urge and striving to
carve a space for his own self amidst the burgeoning population. Overall an introspective mood pervades the paintings and sculptures of early to mid 90’s. These psychological narratives are about desire and
fear of the significant ‘Other’.

In this phase very large open eyes characterize the formal features. One can see through them a resemblance to Indian sculptural traditions as well as to Western modern trends that took inspiration from
primitive sculpture.

But over the years the forms, particularly the head has changed to being more closer to Brancusi. The comparison ends there, for in these fiber glass heads Srinivas not only brings out innovative
technicalities but also portrays conceptually, that the head is the center for superior intellectual and spiritual powers. The present shift in his sculpture towards simplification of forms in the series
of heads accentuates a different visual language and the surface of these heads becomes a space for painterly expression. One may relate these heads with Brancusi but they surpass this comparison beyond
European Abstraction because of the innovative exploitations of the surface of the sculpture. These Heads became a painterly canvas to transform his imagination. Any how the significance of applying
motives taken from Prehistory to the present Popular culture is very similar to his earlier attempt to bring the Ideas of Indigenism and therefore it suggest his preoccupation with notions of Indianness
which is prevalent in the earlier works also.

This is metaphorically represented by the image of the Buddha in Dhyanamudra, at times as embossed figures and at times inlayed as impressions. In general, this set of heads appear very calm and at
peace with themselves and with the world. Thus raising above the ground to face the sky with dignified repose. Yet, when we look at some of the details certain draws upon motifs from two very different
epochs. This is prehistoric pictographs and secondly very popular urban symbols of advertising. This kind of inspiration from a very immediate environment and a very remote past and the playfulness in
creativity all launch Srinivas Reddy’s works into the contemporary, the present. Srinivas Reddy’s works are in several public and private collections in India and abroad. He currently lives and works in Hyderabad.

Post Diploma in Sculpture at Faculty of Fine Art, M. S. University,
Baroda - 1990.   Diploma in Sculpture at JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad - 1986.
- Worked and resided at Kanoria Center for Art, Ahmadabad – 1987 - 88.


National Award, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi - 2004-2005.
Camlin Art Foundation Award (for Painting) - 2002 .
Telugu University Award, Hyderabad – 1998.  

Junior Fellowship, Department of Cultural Center, Govt. of India, New Delhi - 1995 - 97.

AIFACS ( A. P. ) - 1997 .
All India SCZCC Nagpur - 1995.   Hyderabad Art Society Golden Jubilee
Year - 1992.   Telugu University Scholarship, Hyderabad - 1988 - 90.
Hyderabad Art Society Gold Medal - 1988.    JNTU University, Hyderabad Gold Medal -1986.



2011 -'' Expressions in space''a group show of sculptures ART PILGRIM  


2011 - sculptures  show ,foram art gallery ,Chennai

2010-TRIAD introspection,observation&tradition “Contemporary Art of India.”CURATOR OF ART  BY MAUREEN COREY. “LOVELAND MUSEUM /GALLERY”CALORADO.
2010-“BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” drawing exhibition by “INDIA FINE ARTS”.

2009 - Dhoomimal city gallery organizing a show ''SOUTHERN WIND'', New Delhi
2009 - Bajaj capital art house '' Face to face''Artist of the Month April-2009
2009 - 'also 'at Hyderabad
2009 - ICON art gallery, Hyderabad
2008 - kalakriti art gallery & cymroza art gallery presents travels to Hyderabad to mumbai,five artists
2008 - Rendezurous Hyderabad, birla academy, KOLKATA.

2008 - Ayya art gallery& cymroza art gallery .Mumbai ,2008 - The art scape' gurgon.( curator sushma k.bahl.)

2008 - Birla art gallery.Kolkotta. 2008 - India art collection -Dubai2008 - Apparao art auctions. New Delhi.

India Fine Arts Gallery Bombay-2007,Gallerie NVYA New Delhi-2007,art Piligrim Art Gallery organised group Ex Delhi AN Landon curated by Sushma K Bahl-2007, Hyderabad art gallery-2007, High on Hyderabad
Group Exhibition at Jammat Art Gallery Bombay-2007,"Deccan Command"Exhibition organized by Shristi Art Gallaryat Sridharani Art Gallery New Delhi-2006-07.,Gallery Sanskriti Seuenteenth Anniversary
show at Kolkata-2007,"nirmiti"A Constructed Object Group Show organized by AKAR PRAKAR at Kolkata-2006,Hyderabad's Art Kaleidoscope Art Since:1900-2006,curated by Jagdish Mittal at I.C.C.R Art Gallery
Hyderabad-2006, Mapping the South by Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery - 2005 - 06. Eleventh Triennale, India – 2005 .   47 National Exhibition  at Lucknow - 2004 - 05..   Harmony Show by Reliance Group, Mumbai - 2001, 04 and 05. " Sketch Books and Marquette's" by Alliance Frances at Hyderabad and Goa – 1999. "Form and Space" organized by ICCR, Hyderabad – 1997.  "Human Form and Art" curates by Dr. M. Reddappa Naidu, Chennai –
1997.    Telugu University Hyderabad – 1997.   AIFACS New Delhi – 1997.   SCZCC, Nagpur – 1995.   "Varnika-93" 50 years of art movement in Hyderabad at Alliance Frances – 1993.    Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore – 1992.   Third Biennial, Bharath Bhavan Bhopal – 1990. Madras Lalit Kala Academy – 1990.   Gujarat Lalit Kala Academy – 1988, 90.   Hyderabad Art Society – 1988, 92 and 93.


2010 - national awarded  artist group ,camp at simla organized by lalit kala academy.
2010 - Calcutta sculptors camp.

2008 - HERO HONDA group sculptures camp,Jaipur.2006-7 - international
sculptors camp by ITM UNI at Gwalior.

All India Sculptors Camp at Jaipur organized by Shristi Art Gallery,
Hyderabad. All India Sculptors Camp by India Fine Arts at Jaipur –
2006.   All India Sculptors Camp, VUDA, Visakapatnam 2005 and 1999.
National artists camp by Kalakruthi Art Gallery, Hyderabad – 2004.
National Sculptors Camp by Reddy's Labs, at CCMB, Hyderabad – 2004 and
1995.   Artists Camp by SBI, Hyderabad – 2003 .   National Sculptors
Camp by Kerala Lalit Kala Academy at Kochin – 2002.   International
Sculptors Camp by M.P.H.B. at Bhopal – 2002 .   National Sculptors
Camp by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi at L.V. Prasad Eye institute,
Hyderabad – 2001.  National Artist Camp by Society of save Rocks,
Hyderabad – 1998.   Sculptors Camp by Central Lalit Kala Academy at
Bangalore – 2003, 2001 and 1995.   National Artist Camp at Sanghi,
Hyderabad – 1993.    National Sculptors Camp by CCMB and Central Lalit
Kala Academy New Delhi at Hyderabad – 1993.   Sculptors
 Camp by Chennai Lalit Kala Academy at Visakapatnam – 1992.   All
India Sculptors Camp by SCZCC Nagpur at Pune – 1991.   Thirteen young
Sculptors Camp at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda – 1989.





Modern Art Gallery, New - Delhi, Regional Lalit Kala Academy – Chennai, Kerala Lalit Kala Academy – Cochin, M. P Housing Board – Bhopal, Kannada Chitrakala Parishat – Bangalore, Birla Academy – Mumbai & Kolkatta, Reliance Group of Industries – Mumbai, LV Prasad eye institute, Police Academy, Sanghi Industries, CCMB, Reddy Labs Hyderabad, VUDA Vishakapatanam and several other collections at India and Abroad.