Malchand Pareek

   Date of Birth: 14 June,1976


   M.F.A. (Applied Art) from Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur. 2009

    B.F.A [Applied Art] from Rajasthan school of Art, Jaipur. 1998

     Solo show: 

        Solo Show “Thread’s Of Life” in Jawahar kala Kendra,Jaipur. 2008.

        Solo Show “Concrete Jungle” in Jwahar kala Kendra, Jaipur. 2012.

        Solo Show “The Stamp Of Life” in Samanvai Art Gallery, Jaipur, 2013.


       State Award in 52th “Annual Art Exhibition” by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy,             Jaipur 2011


  Participated in Lalit Kala Academy Kala Mela. Jaipur, 1997.

   Participated in 39th Annual Art Exhibition of Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur ,1998.

  'Nirman' of  BD Bangur endowment for Art and advertising photography, Kolkata. 2005.      

     Participated in Kala Utsav Camp by 'Kala Sansthan' for Photography, Bikaner, 2006.

  Participated in 150th Alumni of Raj School of Art, Jaipur. 2008.

  Participated in 151th Alumni of Raj School of Art Jaipur. 2009.

   Participated in “Rang Malhar 2010” with Senior Artist in Vyom Art Gallery, at Jaipur, 2010.

    Participated in “Rang Malhar 2011” with Senior Artist in Vyom Art Gallery, at Jaipur, 2011.

     Participeted in “Rang Malhar 2012” with Senior Artist in Vyom Art Gallery, at Jaipur, 2012.

  Participated in “51th Annual Exhibition” by State Lalit kala Academy jaipur.2010

  Participated in “kala or saskriti camp” for “Rajasthan Divas” by Rajasthan lalit kala Academy Jaipur. 2012

 Participated in “Rang Malhar 2013” with Senior Artist in Vyom Art Gallery, at Jaipur, 2013

 Painting and Photography also on “Saatchi Online, London.                                      

       Group show:

       “Real Digital Graphic art Exhibition”  Bikaner. 2006

       “One square foot show”  in “Ahamdabad ni gufa” at Ahamdabad. 2010

       “India International Art Fair” in Pragati Maidan, at Delhi. 2010

        National Residency -

       “A Metamorphosis from Rural to Urban” National Artist Residency  at {Partapur,          Banswara} Rajasthan. 2010.


      Artist’s Statement


The Stamp of Life

The Stamp of Life is my newest creation: Once again, I bring my experiences to you by means of art — paintings, sculpture,  “Stamp” means an administrative seal of approval. It has been used since the time when kings ruled and it continues to be used until today. The way we perceive power has changed today, so has the “stamp” that symbolizes the power vested in it. This change has also affected the relationship between the rulers and their subjects, the people. In a large part of the world, the rulers are no longer called rulers but administrators. In the present democratic system, administration is represented by a political party or a coalition of several parties. Similarly the subjects are no longer identified by subjects, but people, public or a group of people.

As an artist, I do not want to analyze, but if someone were to ask what these creations mean to me, I would say this: They are the voice of the “common man”, of his dreams, aspirations, and desperations and also of his disappointments, of the unfulfilled dreams. The common man appears in different forms in these creations: He appears busy in accumulating things of his everyday utility; he is also looking for peace of mind; he is also smiling, looking into his future, seeing his dreams materialize. No matter what work this common man does, he is constantly working toward providing the basic necessities for his family, of roti (food), kapda (clothing), and…..and enough?

The series “Stamp of Life” symbolizes karmanyata, to perform your task or karma in life with complete honesty, dedication and passion. This is the only true path in life. Karma is the real background of human existence and thus it is only when you are constantly engaged in your karma, that you feel true contentment. You are so engrossed in your task, karma, that you forget everything else and even the fruits of the task you are engaged in become irrelevant. It is only the KARMA that is your absolute right. This is of prime importance, the source and the life-spirit of your existence. In fact, the desire for the fruits of a task is discouraged in Gita:

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana, (The Bhagwad Gita)

This series comprises some sculptures. The sculptures represent a television dish antenna with wood and metal. Television is the universal spy in today’s materialistic and consumerist society that has completely changed the human society. Television is present 24/7 in the service of humans. There is something in it for every age-group and you can access it at any time. 

I believe in this: To enjoy the simple joys of my family, friends and those that are around me and not drown these joys in the busy life of today. As I write this, I am reminded of these lines from the Hindi poet, Kumar Ambuj:

Mein guzar chuki behtar cheezon ko

vartamaan mein ghatit karna cahta hoon

bhavishya ko asunder itihaas se bachana chahta hoon

mein kapas ko naga nahi dekhna chahata

aur gehu ko bhookh se bacahna chahata hoon

mein har jagah insaan ka dakhal chahta hoon


I want to preserve the best in the past for the present and save the future from the worst in the past?

Thank you,

Maalchand Pareek



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