Bhupesh Kavadia

Bhupesh, born 1969 in Rajasthan, did his graduation in commerce and moved towards sculpture. He has received a number of awards including National Academy Award-New Delhi 2006.  National Award AIFACS New Delhi. State Award by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy - Jaipur (twice).  All India Fine Arts & Craft Society Award - New Delhi (Twice).  Fellowship by Art Council of Wales - U.K. 1997.  Research Grant Award by National Lalit Kala Academy - New Delhi.  Junior Fellowship Award by Govt. of India, Ministry of Culture 2003-04. The Achiever’s Award 2015 for Culture.  Initially known as Vishwa Ratan Award, now called the 'ACHIEVER'S AWARD' by The Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka, an NGO of Sri Lanka to felicitate persons who had done yeoman service in their field for development of the society. Ma. My Anchor partnered with them in later years. Awarded Honorary Professor Emeritus by Sun College of Management and Science 2015  Bhupesh has participated at several international levels like10th Asian Art BIENNALE- Bangladesh. Wales Dunes exhibition associated with the wales Rajasthan exchange at the Queen's Gallery, British Council - New Delhi. Exhibited sculptures at Berllanderi Sculpture workshop - U.K. International Sculptors Symposium at Shilp Gram - Udaipur.  Art Symposium by Australia Council for Fine Arts - New Delhi.  International Sculpture Symposium- Gwalior 06.   International Artist Meet - Jaipur. .  International Sculpture Symposium- Gwalior 07. Artist camp 07 Thailand. XVII International symposium of monumental Sculpture 08 Tultepec - MEXICO.  International symposium of monumental Sculpture 08 Tlaxcala -  MEXICO.  Artist Camp Moscow, Russia 2008. Artist Camp Japan 2010. Exhibition “La Danse Des Couleurs, Abidjan, Ivory coast, Africa 2010, International artist camp 2010 by Bhoruka Charitable Trust, Jaipur, International sculpture symposium by Neerja Modi International School, Jaipur 2011, International Sculpture  Symposium- ITM Universe  Baroda 2011, International Sculpture  Symposium - Kanu Nayak art foundation – Mumbai 2012. International sculpture symposium, GHMC Hyderabad-2012. Ist IMSS Symposium,Udaipur India-2013. 16TH INTERNATIONAL STONE SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM, UDINE- ITALY 2013. His works have been exhibited in several national and state level exhibitions like National Lalit Kala Academy - New Delhi.  Udaipur (Takhman Art Centre).  Triveni Kala Sangam, Sculpture Court - New Delhi.  Group Shows at Jehangir Art Gallery - Mumbai.  Group Shows at Ravindra Bhawan, Lalit Kala Academy - New Delhi.  Dhoomimal Art Gallery - New Delhi.  Zonal Exhibition at Ravindra Bhawan - New Delhi by N.C.Z.C.C. Allahabad.  50 years of Freedom Exhibition at Huthee Singh Visual Art Centre Ahmedabad.  Contemporary Art of Rajasthan at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai by Lalit Kala Academy.  Contemporary Art Exposition at Ravi Shanker Rawal Kala Bhawan, Ahmedabad by RLKA.  Colours of Rajasthan at Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur.   Group exhibition "the magenta mansoon show" 2004 , "Tranquil and Turbulent" 2005, "Rejuvenation" 2006. at Oberoi UdaiVilas, Udaipur. Besides this, he has participated in number of Art Camps & Art Fairs organized by Lalit Kala Academy, Zonal Cultural Centres and various art societies. Bhupesh's works can be seen in numerous private & public collections in India and abroad including National Lalit Kala Academy - Delhi.  Hudco - New Delhi.  Orissa Lalit Kala Academy - Orissa.  Warran L. Meller UNESCO - New Delhi.  North Zone Culture Centre - Patiala.  West Zone Culture Centre - Udaipur.  Jawahar Kala Kendra - Jaipur.  Takhman - 28 - Udaipur. S.R.P.L. - Udaipur.  Triveni Kala Sangam - New Delhi.  Berllandri Sculpture Workshop -United Kingdom.  British Council - New Delhi.  Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra - Lucknow.  Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy - Jaipur.  Tourism Dept. Andhra Pradesh N.C.Z.C.C. Chandigarh.  Secure Meters Limited - Udaipur.  Nuclear Power Corporation of India. CIDCO- Navi Mumbai.  ITM Universe –Gwalior. Municipal head of Tultepec – Estado de Mexico. Fine art institute Tlaxcala – Mexico, Bhoruka Charitable Trust-Jaipur, Neeraja Modi International School- Jaipur, ITM Universe Baroda, Kanu Nayak art foundation – Mumbai, Kerala Lalit Kala Academy. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corp- Andhra Pradesh. Saint Pauls School, Udaipur. Villa Manin- Italy, Fatehsagar lake front, Udaipur city. ITM University, Gwalior, Art Museum M.P. culture department, Ujjain, Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy,  and in various private collections in India and abroad.  & GROWING TREES By Anne Vilsbøll We must not forget the most important, because first and foremost Bhupesh Kavadia is a sculptor and a very fine sensitive sculptor.He is a visionary – a pathfinder – who' s own artistic work bear titles as " homage to the fading sensitivities", "with whispers & promises of life and death" -  " maa – which way out of the labyrinth." He asks us, provoke us in his own special, silent, thinking way: What do you think – YOU ?" -  a philosophical inquiry on the nature of human frailty, of desire and aspirationsBhupesh wants to find the inner core – to reveal what is within the outer shell.He works in  stone, which he juxtaposes with other materials like metal or wood.The surface of the  stone is sometime printed with silkscreen print, and the total sculpture becomes a fragmented story, that talks about the character of our modern society. The smooth is often united with the rough surface within the same piece. A face is often visible – a face like a half moon – a closed or bended face – a pensive face – we find fragments of the inside of a body and the actual parts of the "outside" body sometime spread in different direction. The nostalgic is fused with the eternal, the sadness with hope. Anne Vilsbøll