Andrew Horsfall

Andrew Horsfall, a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, has established himself as one of the leading figures in contemporary English sculpture. He has been invited to display pieces at three consecutive Royal Academy exhibitions, in addition to the numerous exhibitions that have been dedicated entirely to his work.Andrew has worked in a wide range of materials. One phase of his work reflected his interest in using recycled and storm-damaged wood. Another phase explored techniques of-casting in pewter and lead. But it is for his outstanding sculpture in stone that Andrew is chiefly known. The range of stone has encompassed English and French limestones and sandstones; and more recently marble and granite. A recurring theme of Andrew’s work is the exploration of the correspondence between organic forms at the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. His sculpture can evoke the monumental scale of the landscape – and it can also suggest an inward exploration of the sub-molecular world. the Sculpture of Andrew HorsfallDesign in Sculpture : Sculpture in Design“For me there is a natural continuum between sculpture and design. We demand that the objects we surround ourselves with in our everyday work are functional – but we desire them to be beautiful as well. Any object that is well designed – whether it be a door handle or a desktop – needs also to be well proportioned; and the material from which it is made must be aesthetically right for the form. In that sense a door handle is as much a piece of sculpture as an abstract statue. Design does not imitate sculpture or borrow from sculpture – sculpture is a natural element of good design.” Andrew Horsfall“Graceful curves and planes, crystallize organic ideas with solid structures and suggest as yet undiscovered natural forms – the sort of sculpture one is compelled to touch”, is just one description of his delightful work that is so much in demand in the house, the workplace and the open space.All his works are drawn from forms found in nature, be they plant, animal, or elemental, and he also draws inspiration from the interaction between the man-made and the natural world. Andrew has a clear picture of the place of art in life and society today.Artist StatementThe arts are essential in that they act as a counterwieght to the day to day tribulations of our existence. There must always be a balance between good and evil, light and dark, one cannot exist without the other. The world of sculpture must keep it internal equilibrium. It is this balance that I strive to maintain and express in my work and in my life as a whole. British born sculptor Andrew Horsfall plays with a curvilinear rhythm that defies the solidity of the medium itself. Both sensual and mathematical, Horsfall walks a line between geometry and seduction... giving the viewer both a puzzle to me mastered, and an enticement to revel in this sculpture's polished surface.